Jolanda Neff Is Back After Two Year Absence

Just looking at the Trek CX Cup results over a two-year period, it doesn’t seem like much has changed for Switzerland’s Yolanda Neff.

Jolanda Neff Is Back After Two Year Absence 1

The multiple mountain bike world champion signed for the 2019 season with Trek, Trek Factory Racing for cross-country and cyclocross and Trek-Segafredo for road, and won her first appearance in Waterloo, Wisconsin, at the sponsor’s cross-country skiing event. in 2019 She returned on Friday to win the 2021 edition of the Category 2 race.
But in the meantime, he did not participate in any cross-country competitions, nor did he ride a cross bike.

Jolanda Neff Is Back After Two Year Absence 2

The ups and downs of his mountain biking career had seen Neff give up all bikes for months as he recovered from serious injuries, only to rise to the top with a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The Swiss cyclist said after the race: “I haven’t done a dirt bike in two years. Today is my first day since this race two years ago. So I bought this bike this morning and it’s my first. Yes, it was good!”

Jolanda Neff Is Back After Two Year Absence 3

In 2019 and just two months after winning Waterloo, Neff suffered a ruptured spleen, broken rib and collapsed lung while training on a mountain bike.She will be back in mid-2020 to win the Swiss national cross-country title and earn a spot on the Olympic team, so she has continued to focus on this discipline as the Olympics have been moved to 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Then this summer, when she broke her hand but unexpectedly won a gold medal, her Olympic dreams seemed in jeopardy.

Jolanda Neff Is Back After Two Year Absence 4

Similar to his cross-country performance in Tokyo, Neff took the lead in just two rounds and won the UCI C2 race alone on Friday.

Jolanda Neff Is Back After Two Year Absence 5

After clearing Helen Clausel (AS Bike Cross Team) and Katrina Nash (Clif Pro Team), the Swiss rider said, “It was fun, I think it was good. I came to have fun. Today was a really good time.” ) and Caroline Mane (Bactimo Fierce Team) to win, Clausell’s closest team in 21 seconds.
With no results crossed for long, Neff started with a backpacking Friday. Even the speakers weren’t convinced that the previous Trek CX Cup winner was one of the family characters at the starting table. But Nef had no problem keeping the 40 riders ahead of him and decided to go one-on-one in the early stages of the competition and went so far to win.
Only the weather seems to have served as a windbreak, with the sun providing a very humid summer day to dry out most of the way during Thursday’s heavy rain.
“It was very hot. I was really hot because I couldn’t drink and I wasn’t used to it.

Jolanda Neff Is Back After Two Year Absence 6

This is followed by the first World Cup of the season with 16 races in Waterloo. Neff had finished second in the same race two years ago.
“Well, on Sunday, I’ll start from the back. And there’s going to be a lot of competition on Sunday, like the world champion is here, Lucinda Brand. “Here is Marianne Boss.” Neff said with a pessimistic smile.

Jolanda Neff Is Back After Two Year Absence 7

Along with world champion and seven-time world champion Fox, US champions Clara Hansinger and Maddie Monroe will become bronze medalists at the US Junior World Championships. Harriet Harden is the British Champion and Maria Larkin is the Irish Champion. Dennis Bates, the 2021 Middlerke winner
Sunday would be a different story.”

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