Bmx Museum At Eliot Houses

Gary Sansom doesn’t have to go far to visit the museum. He has one of the largest collections of BMX bikes in his house. There are kitchen wheels and dining wheels – it’s really not a dining room, just a room in the middle of the house with the usual shelves built to display different parts of bicycles from different times.

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The museum began as a website in 1998 and collected data on every BMX bike ever made. The site registers more than 57,000 rounds and has a worldwide audience. He also has a large personal collection that has become a physical figure on the web.

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Although there are bicycles all over the house, the cellar is a real treasure. “I need a camera to capture people’s faces when they see it,” he joked, turning a corner under the stairs. In front of him was a narrow road with hundreds of bicycles on each side, a library of two-wheeled trick machines, each with its own story.

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Gary got his first round in 1969. Like many children at the time, he wanted a bike like his father’s motorcycle. The original BMX bikes were designed to be compact and often have large bikes, mimicking the cool style of their engine version.

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Gary’s values ​​are usually personal. Her favorite color is red and it can be seen in the collection. Most bikes focus on small details, such as special welding techniques or custom stickers. It is a room full of details.

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Gary not only likes to ride a bike, but also likes to ride. “I would be overwhelmed if I didn’t drive,” he said. Some cycling enthusiasts are excited to see what they are riding in the city or in the park, but they say that people often move to see an adult riding an empty bicycle.

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Gary’s collection is somewhere between a good museum and a personal collection. Although it is not a regular time, she is happy to share her collection and knowledge with those interested. Visitors from all over the world admire the unique titanium frame, the characteristic Evil Knievel bike or anything else that is no longer in production.

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