Propain Spindrift CF Mixed Review

When Propain has released its updated Hugene and Tyee models over the last few years, another is a big hit, a happy rise to the “super enduro” engine Spindrift. In keeping with its shorter travel siblings, the Propain Spindrift looks the same silhouette, with the updated Pro10 shock absorber system now in the front triangle. With her Tyee, who offers stellar fall performance, I wondered if Spindrift could beat her abilities. Fortunately, Propain was happy to give Spindrift CF, and we were on the right track to kill him.

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Propane brings many options to the Spindrift table. You can choose from their Blend Carbon or Blend Alloy frame designs, both available on two 27.5 wheels, mixed wheel sizes (running 29 “front and 27.5” rear) or the full size 29 “axles have settings. frames that maintain the optimal geometry for every wheel configuration S-XL sizes are offered with the same 20 mm jump length.Seat tube from 420 to 480 mm combined with 25 mm jump tube length from 425 mm to 500 mm.Small riders can choose only 27.5 The model, which wisely considers length, is equipped with a front and 29-inch front wheel with a long stroke.Extra large wheels have 29-inch wheels. Medium and large riders have the privilege of choosing one of three wheel configurations depending on their speed or game preferences.

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Of all the options, the shock absorber system is a split 180 mm rear lift, thanks to the PRO10 twin link; cavity angles 64.5 degrees; and a seating angle of 78 degrees (effective). Not surprisingly, the 29-inch rear wheel has a longer 445 mm chain stay as opposed to the relatively compact 435 mm rear upper with 27.5 and mixed frames. The static bottom bracket is higher than at the upper end of the spectrum with a drop of 10 mm to 27.5 and 23 mm on the 29er, but it is important to consider a healthy amount of sag, which will result in a more normal position once on the 29er. bike. The 29-inch wheel with 180 mm fork (with the option of 190 mm higher in the menu) creates a very high front part and the result is a large 608-660 mm high stack depending on the size, so it is important to think about this before choosing your favorite height. beams.

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Propain continues to improve its PRO10 system and has designed a healthy amount of anti-squat for Spindrift for time spent turning legs, with a flush-level level of exercise. travel. The muffler sits neatly between the compact clutches, protecting it from a line of gushing mud from the rear wheel while leaving room for a decent-sized bottle. Propain’s Spindrift is characterized by many previous figures in geometry and kinematics with a wide range of options that will satisfy most riders. The height of the seat tube may require some consideration in people with lower legs, but most should still be able to run a dropper of decent length at their appropriate size.

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Looking at the better details, Propain switched to the SRAM UDH (Universal Derailleur Hinge) system for mounting the derailleur, which seems to have got a full board and should be simpler. They use a replaceable ISCG system that prevents rupture when the bash guard sees a serious impact. Propain Bikes also managed its cable routing and was able to wrap it in a clean line via BB, removing all low-hanging cables from the danger zone. Propain’s “dirty shield” frame hardware is still in place to add a level of seal to the frame pins to help them rotate smoothly in future seasons.

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The two-component integrated frame protection should prevent serious damage to large Spindrift pipes during normal use and can effectively suppress chain banging sounds on anything but the hardest terrain. . The Propain Bicycles direct sales model continues to offer great value thanks to its bike configurator, which offers a high degree of customization from the selection of individual components to the color of the head tube badge. Starting at almost $ 3,050 for a basic bike with an aluminum frame, you can opt for the carbon model to save 1 kg of frame weight and leave your wallet $ 700 lighter.

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Even this model with basic specifications is uniquely ready for shredding, with a Rock Shox ZEB R fork connected to a Select R coil damper; complete SRAM GX drive with G2 brakes; with quality components for finishing Propain and Sixpack. For those looking for a specific motorcycle with the latest and greatest model, the full-running CF whistle will cost almost $ 8,450 (€ 7,254) and will come with Fox Factory full suspension; carbon wheels Crankbrothers Synthesis; and X01 AXS drive train.

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We were lucky to have the chance to get our gloves on Spindrift before it was launched, which allowed us to test it for a long time in the best country in the UK and just find out where it exceeded. The Scottish gem, Tweed Valley, provided the final test base when I learned of the setup on a large mixed-size model bike that showed the difference in its performance level, including a stunning 190mm Rock Shox ZEB front and retail section. for almost $ 5,300. A big day in the hall of the root slope followed by a day of lifting in the bike park on the left before the borders are cleared and his habits shine through.

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