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1963 Gary Fisher, 12, begins road racing and tracking races approved by the predecessor of the USCF, The Amateur Bicycle League of America. 1964 Gary discovers cyclocross and participates in five cyclocross races. Gary finished second in the middle age group at the Northern California District Road Championships. 1968 Gary is suspended from a bicycle race because her hair is too long. From home-made equipment, Gary launched a light show called “The Lightest Show on Earth,” which took place on major rock stages in San Francisco.

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1972 With the rule of “long hair” reversed, Gary resumes street racing. 1973 Gary finishes second on the Nevada City Tour and becomes a USCF Category 1 racer. 1974 Gary completes the Vuelta de Baja, Tour of the Sierras and Tour of Marin stages. Gary built his legendary Schwinn Excelsior X. With a new wide range of gears and heavy brakes, this is the first off-road bike that, despite its weight of 42 pounds, can be ridden in the mountains and downhill. Gary pioneered the use of tandem drum brakes, gear levers, brake levers and cables for motorcycles, quick release seatposts and triple converters with longer cranks. Gary’s original mountain bike was selected by Mountain Bike Action Magazine as one of the “Top Ten All Time Best Mountain Bikes”. 1976 Gary wins the Klamath Lake Tour, a 125-mile Olympic development race.

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Gary finished 12th at the National Road Championship. Gary helped his roommate, Charlie Kelly, run the Repack Off-Road Downhill Race Series. Gary began writing a monthly article on road testing for Bicycling Magazine. 1977 Gary sets a Repack 4:22:14 record, a record that still applies. Gary finished fifth at the National Cyclocross Championships and finished the Red Zinger Stage in Colorado. 1978 Gary wins the “Fastest Time of the Year” award for the Repack Downhill Race. Gary won the solo division with the fastest overall time of 209 miles Davis Double Century with a time of 9 hours and 18 minutes. Gary finished the race on the Red Zinger stage.

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Gary was one of the Marin County Contingents who introduced “Clunker” to Colorado. 1979 The sport is named: Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly name their new company “MountainBikes”. The frames were built by Jeffrey Richmond and Tom Ritchey. Kelly and Fisher cover the purchase, assembly, sale, transportation, sale and catalog design. 160 “mountain bikes” produced and sold. Gary completed the Coors Classic stage race and collected Olympic points for improvement to become third in the road division in the Western Division. 1980 Gary wins the first Reseda to the Sea, Central Coast Clunker Classic and The Whiskeytown Downhill off-road races and finishes second at the Northern California Cyclocross Championships on his mountain bike. Gary finished the race on the podium at the Coors Classic. Gary coined the term “bullmoose handlebars.” Gary was the first to use a Shimano freehub and a “Bear Trap” pedal on a mountain bike. Gary and Charlie Kelly edited the cycling section in the Last Whole Earth Catalog.

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1981 port of entry wins the second herbaceous plant to the ocean cross-country race. Fisher sponsored a women’s team that raced on the Coors Classic platform. 1982 port of entry wins the primary Rockhopper cross-country Race and prepares the bottom for Fisher riders to win another six. port of entry won the Paradise Divide Criterium in Crested Butte, Colorado. 1983 port of entry develops and names Unicrown Fork. Racer Fisher vale Szczecin won the Paradise Divide Race stage race. port of entry is that the founding father of the National cross-country Bicycle Association (NORBA) and has teamed up a team together with vale Stetina, Eric Heiden, Joe Murray, Tom Ritchey and John Lomis at the primary national championships inclusive .

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Lomis was Fisher’s best in third place. Fisher had the primary serial wheel with a brake below the chain label. port of entry options shorter chain stays and vessel saddle angles on mountain bikes. port of entry visited France to gift a bicycle that rode across the La Plagne Alps. 1984 port of entry styles and builds the primary Tange status bicycle. Fisher rider Joe Murray won the Whiskeytown, Rockhopper, Ross Stage Race, Pacific States Finals and NORBA National Championships. Fisherman’s riders win seventieth of all cross-country races.

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Fisher Excalibur is that the initial factory-made bicycle with a meninx Ace freehub, toe buckles and a belt. 1985 Fisher riders work with Shimano to boost indexed shifting. port of entry developed “Standover height” and “Upper tube effective length” measurements to higher describe the cross-country frame. Fish racer Joe Murray perennial his victories within the Whiskeytown, Rockhopper, Ross Stage Race and NORBA National Championships and traveled to European nation to end third within the Man versus Horse versus Bike race. 1986 Fisher establishes the essential sport Team – the most important cross-country sport team within the world. port of entry oversubscribed the nickname “Marin Mountain Bikes” to Bob Buckley. port of entry designed the “Bulge Bar”, the “Hipstay”, a brilliant short chain keep and a 135mm rear nut spacing with nut. 1987 Fisher Team member Sara Ballantyne wins a prize at the NORBA World race Championships and Fisher’s microphone Kloser wins silver in men. Fisher Procaliber was named one among the “Top 10 Ever Best bicycles of All Time” by Mountain Bike Action Magazine. port of entry has been named by Outside magazine joined of the “50 UN agency have left their mark” within the last 10 years. 1988 Introduction of the Fisher CR-7, a collaboration that mixes Gary’s illustrious frame style and Richard Cunningham’s expertise in connexion metal and chrome moths. Fisher riders microphone Kloser and Sara Ballantyne won the Iditabike two hundred Mile Snow Race in AK and therefore the European cross-country Championship. Bicycle Guide Magazine named metal Fisher Prometheus “Best of 88”. port of entry was inducted into the inaugural Mountain Biking Hall of Fame in Crested Butte. port of entry and Sara in bicycle with Sara Ballantyne won the bicycle class and placed thirteenth within the Desert to the ocean race at one hundred fifty million. 1989 port of entry introduces the Evolution telephone receiver, tube and seatpost, the primary major part system for cross-country athletics. Fisher rider Sara Ballantyne won her assemblage championship. Bicycle Guide Magazine named Fisher Gemini bicycle “Best of 89”. The Bicycle Dealer Showcase named Fisher a “top supplier” for the 89th Fisher designed its initial hybrid bike.

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1990 Gary is nonappointive to the board of NORBA. Gary’s collaboration with Mert Lawwill on Associate in Nursing all-suspension RS-1 bike won the “Hot Bike” award from cycling Magazine. Fisher Mt. there’s the primary serial cycle with a front suspension fork (RockShox) and suspension-ready pure mathematics. 1991 Fisher joins a world cycle team, as well as world champions Albert Iten and Bruno Walter Braendli of Svizzera and Paola Pezzo and Paola Rusola of Italian Republic. Gary introduced fifteen.5 five chain stays at Montare. 1992 Gary develops the retort Carbon Fiber Suspension bike with Toray in Japan. 1993 Trek Bicycle Corporation acquires Gary Fisher Bicycle Company. The new Gary Fisher complete was launched in Gregorian calendar month with its biggest competitors ever, as well as ten models created within the us. Fisher rider Paola Pezzo from Italian Republic won the UCI World cycle Championship in France. 1994 The Gary Fisher complete surpasses the new sport team, merchandising over five hundred locations within the us and over twenty countries round the world. Gary was named the “founding father of mountain bikes” by Smithsonian magazine. Gary won a lifespan action Award at Korbel Night of Champions, a souvenir from the athletics Academy Awards. 1996 Fisher rider Paola Pezzo wins a medal at the women’s cycle race at the Atlanta Olympics. Gary was re-elected to NORBA’s board of administrators with the foremost votes of every administrator. Gary was named “Product Manager of the Year” by cycle Magazine. The Fisher complete is that the quickest growing bicycle market within the U.S.A.
1997 Fisher based the BMX team and introduced ten BMX models, as well as the Joshua-inspired professional Issue Al team frame. Paola Pezzo dominated the women’s XC field on her Genesis pure mathematics bike, winning seven of the 9 tournament races, as well as the championship and world title. Gary himself spent an interesting year on the career scene winning the XC Masters catatory U.S. National Championships and win a seat within the U.S. Masters team. Gary has been appointed to the Board of journeys for youngsters. 1998 Fisher shows the athletics world that dramatic progress in cycle frames continues to be doable with the gap of 1998 Genesis pure mathematics and creating it on the market to shoppers round the world. Gary won the 8-day Trans mount field race in Europe. 1999 Gary Fisher merges with Saab Cars USA to make the Gary Fisher Saab Race Team, that additional strengthens one in every of the sport’s best skilled programs. Fisher Saab racer archangel ethnologist won the XC toilet facility World Championship in Sverige. Paola Pezzo won the St Wendel tournament aboard the new Fisher double suspension because the initial girl to win a tournament race on a double suspension bike. Gary was named “Snow Hall of Fame.” Paola Pezzo has been named to the cycle Hall of Fame. 2000 Fisher introduces Sugar, an entire sprung platform that’s too lightweight for skilled sport.

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