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Propain Tyee CF in detail
Weighing 14.8 kg, the Tyee CF is a robust Propain enduro bike with 29 “wheels, 170/160 mm stroke and a progressive Propain PRO10 suspension system. If you buy Propain, you have a full choice With the online configurator you can choose from several upgrade packages to suit important components with a single click, or you can dive deep and make endless small changes to the suspension, brakes, wheels, etc. For € 3,494 we got a beautiful carbon frame and 170mm RockShox Lyric Select + fork. The good news continues with the RockShox Super Deluxe Select + shock absorber. RT Coil, SRAM GX Eagle drive train, 150mm KindShock LEV Dropper and Stans ZTR flow wheels. We also chose Magura MT5 brakes with large 203 mm front and rear discs. To gain all the braking torque on the track, the propane aggressive Schwalbe Magic Mary is equipped with front and rear wheels with a lighter TLE sidewall and an Addix Soft grip connection. Propain Tyee CF
€ 3,494

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RockShox Lyrics Select + 170 mm fork
RockShox Super Deluxe Select + RT Coil 160 mm rear silencer
Chair pin Child Shock LEV SI dropper 170 mm
MAGURA MT5 200/200 mm brakes
SRAM GX Eagle 1×12 drive
Stem SIXPACK Vertic 50 mm
Send SIXPACK Millennium 805 mm
Wielset Stan’s NoTubes ZTR Flow S1 29 ”
Schwalbe Magic Mary 2.6 “/ 2.6” wheels.

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Size M L XL
Weight 14.8 kg

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Very progressive
During big starts, the bike starts fast and it’s more fun to jump things than pulling hard square effects. The coil is a good choice
A more progressive virtual swivel suspension brings shock from both ends. We found that the spiral version of the RockShox Super Deluxe Select + RT was better than the air jump option. Life is a draw
If you don’t live in an area that is more slippery or muddy, we will replace the rear wheel with something that rolls faster than Hans Dampf. Geometry Propain Tyee CF.

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The L-size wheel we tested had a range of 471 mm with a wheelbase of 1253 mm, but the motorcycle appears to be stretched and taller, probably due to the low length of the stand. The very modern 64.5 ° and 77.1 ° head and chair tube angles promise good climbing performance and the 445 mm long chain stays suggest good balance. The 460 mm high seat tube means that only a 150 mm dropper will be available for small riders. Strong energy – Propain Tyee CF on the run

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The driving position of the Propain Tyee CF gives a modern and fast impression and a stretched impression, as the numbers on its low-winding upper tube show. The head angle of 64.5 ° and the seat tube angle of 77.1 ° put you in an effective position in the lower holder and the center of gravity is very low.

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Long, the antisquat is tall and the bike is high when pedaling. Combined with efficient positioning and low weight, it is the best climber to try even with its supple wheels. The high branches of the chain hold the weight on the front wheel and the suspension support stimulates the release of the sprinter seat.

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When we first tested the Propain Tyee CF when it was launched, we rode a motorcycle with an air damper and found that the combination of the more progressive PRO10 virtual air suspension and air blast system was intense. With the RockShox Super Deluxe Select + RT Coil, the cushioning feel is further enhanced, with silky smooth sensitivity and a predictable (albeit very strong) pitch. The real highlight is the unique mid-stroke support, which allows the suspension preload to easily pop into the air. Even the straightest lines become A-lines.

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The trade-off for this support is that Tyee kicks a bit when hitting boulders or when full movement is required – he’d rather just jump. However, thanks to the angles, the combined driving position and 445 mm high chain stay provide a sublime balance, allowing you to swing left and right with a live crane on your heels. The one-piece asymmetrical carbon swingarm fork is beautifully cut and the long seat struts without abrasions allow the rear wheel to bend sideways. However, this is not bad, because it gives the motorcycle a live jump from the corners. However, we noticed some suspension when landing on the side with counter-rotating links taking the load.

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This was not a problem for us, but heavy riders may have to think. The wheels on the Stans FLOW ZTR look great, balanced flexibility and fast grip, but we really felt the traction of the Schwalbe Magic Mary tractor twin wheels. The brakes on the Magura MT5 are loud stops and even though they lack modulation, they pull it back with raw growth. In combination with the front and rear rotors with a diameter of 203 mm, we have the power to “stick to the word”. The top of the motorcycle is the large RockShox Lyric Select + 170 mm fork, which holds the line flawlessly and helps you hang on uneven terrain and in difficult sections with a diversion. How does Propain Tyee CF compare to the competition? Compared to the Ibis Ripmo AF and Nukeproof Mega hammer methods, Propain Tyee CF is a surgical knife. It seemed lighter, tastier and livelier than the other motorcycles in this test, without any problems. The low-seated frame means that you feel more united on your bike than on the Giant Reign and Merida ONE -SIXTY – as if you were sitting on a racket instead of on a horse.

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The very strong increase in rear suspension means that the Propain is not as strong as the Nukeproof Mega in the big terrain, but the high travel fork hangs there if you have the skills. The best climber in the test so far, Propain, is the clear winner if you are looking for a versatile. It’s similar to Trek Slash, but more modern with better design. Conclusion
With a low-seated frame and progressive suspension, the Propain Tyee CF tends to collect air miles. However, it is more of a point’n’shoot bike and the geometry is very balanced. When we look at a million dollars as a versatile package, the Tyee CF is a versatile bike that is good for riding up and down, regardless of terrain, and deserves our Best Buy award.


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