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In everyday life and in the world of cycling, we are forced to expect product updates to change every few or more times. And while we like an exciting new toy like the following, sometimes big design fixes seem like a step aside, the result is a bike that is good, but not really much better. But the latest Madone SLR 9 from Trek is the furthest. In fact, you probably didn’t know he received an update last year.

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Sometimes there are small improvements to the full equipment of the existing design, which makes a good product even better. This review is a compliment to small, ever-changing improvements that don’t try to reinvent the wheel, but keep improving things.

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The latest version of the Trek Madone SLR 9 is almost identical to the previous version, except for the material from which it is made. Visually, the only way to find out if it’s a newer version is to find a small poster on the bottom tube that says “OCLV 800 Carbon,” the latest and most widely used carbon material available on Trek. Otherwise, it retains the same geometry, component mixtures and aero tube shapes as the previous version.

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But the material update is important. Like most things in life, the final product is as good as the materials or ingredients from which it is made. The OCLV 800 carbon, originally debuted on Émond’s aero-climber, is the newest, most powerful carbon on the Trek, and that’s the difference.

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The new material is an impressive 30 percent stronger than the previous OCLV Carbon, while maintaining the same hardness, allowing less material to be used to achieve the same driving characteristics. Overall, the frame is almost 80 grams lighter than the 2019 version.

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It’s a small victory, but it still helps, especially for aerobics like the Madonna, which falls on the heavier side of the bikes used in WorldTour races. Our Aeolus XXX 6 Deep Wheel Model 54 weighs 17.47 pounds (7.93 kg). Madone is proof that Trek still firmly believes in the value of a highly integrated aircraft machine that is primarily focused on aerodynamics. This priority cannot be confused with its design. It has deep aero KVF Trek tubes and no visible cable (not only because it has a wireless group SRAM Red eTap AXS – the Shimano Di2 version also fits perfectly.

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Contents). The separately integrated Trek cockpit nicely hides the shift cables and at the same time provides a certain flexibility for steering inclination. But of course even the fastest aero bike can be useless if it is not possible to ride it. Madone has several modifications to increase driving comfort. His geometry is arranged like Goldilocks. It is called H1.5 and lies between the aggressive geometry of H1 and the relaxed geometry of endurance H2. It’s a balance that puts you in an absolutely aero position, but on which we can ride for hours without any problems. Another consolation trick Madone uses is the adjustable IsoSpeed ​​top tube, a concept originally created for the Domane spring classic racing bike. This shock absorber system reduces the road surface and most riders want to open it perfectly to the highest level of conformity for greater comfort. The price of the updated Madone SLR 9, Madone’s top model, remains the same as before: high. Our Trek Project One paint customization kit will win $ 12,500.

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The last Madonna we enjoyed – so much. It’s not hard to imagine what we thought of the same bike with a few grams cut. That is, it is more of a review that confirms that it actually reduces the weight of the motorcycle, while retaining the features that make it a top aero bike, so it is much better, even if it is small.

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With many brands now looking to create a racing bike that can balance light weight, aerodynamics and rigidity together, Trek’s fear runs through Madone as a fast aero platform. . And that’s what it’s about. This is more sensitive in all endeavors – although clean sprinters probably want to reduce the damping of IsoSpeed ​​disconnectors to get the most effective feel from this bike. He also has certain off-shore skills if you don’t fight your way through the stages of a big mountain hike. Show a lighter set of bikes than the Bontrager Aeolus XXX 6 – recently replaced by a new lighter and faster generation – which has our design and has a bike that can stay on hills and short climbs (see Tour of the Flanders mountains, not Alpe d’Huez).
Comfort is one of the areas where aero bikes have made great progress in recent years, and Madonna is no exception. It’s easy to drive all day. However, if the name of the game is convenient for you, Madone cannot recommend a more straightforward endurance. But increasing wheel size and running soullessly at low pressure is a safe way to make any aero platform more comfortable. We upgraded the standard 25mm wheel to 28mm and we didn’t turn anymore.

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Will we upgrade the Madone SLR 9 made from previous generation carbon? Probably not. 80 grams of storage helps, but doesn’t require a full upgrade unless you need to get the most out of it. But should we put it at the top of the list if we want a purpose-built speed engine that can run and remain competitive in hilly terrain? Undoubtedly.
$ 12,500 test 17.47 lbs (7.93 kg) size 54 without pedal or cage

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SRAM RED group eTap AXS (48 / 35T handle, 10-33T cassette); wheelset Bontrager Aeolus XXX 6; 25c wheel Bontrager R4; Bontrager Aeolus Pro saddle; Trek Madonna seat mast; Adjustable aero VR-CF steering wheel Trek Madone; Aero Stem Trek Madonna

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